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6 Practical Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By Michael's Superstore

February 14, 2020

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We always do something special for our loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and the likes. Valentine’s day is no different!! As much as we’d want to prepare a huge and unusual surprise for our spouses and friends, we often settle for the common Valentine’s Day gift ideas — fancy dinner, home-made goodies, fruit cakes, chocolates, and flowers. These gifts are nice, too, yes, but isn’t it nicer if we can give presents that won’t wilt and spoil?

Wives, Aunts, and Mothers will definitely agree if we say that pretty furniture is better than a bouquet of roses. It’s no secret that women love the idea of furniture and decor shopping!! They always have a dream shelf or a dream sofa in their heads!!

Convinced? Now, let us help you decide which furniture can be the best Valentine’s day gift ideas.

An Exquisite Wooden Chest

When buying furniture for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, you have to bear in mind that the piece you buy has the looks and can be functional at the same time. It needs to be just right for your space in terms of measurements and can be an elegant addition to your existing decors. A wooden chest is a perfect choice! It can fit in your bedroom, serve as an extra storage space, and add a rustic vibe! Don’t forget to give the color and texture a thought, too! After all, you have to consider if the color and size is something that your loved one would love.

Express Your Love By Giving Her A Lovely TV Stand       

TV stands look breathtaking in your living room as it adds a unique touch to your space. Imagine your television getting the attention that it needs!!  TV stands come in multiple designs and materials so pick the best one that can surprise your loved one as soon as they see it. While buying something like this, you must consider the size so that it won’t look odd when it’s placed in a particular area.

Give A Dresser & Mirror Set

If you are buying something for your wife, a dresser and mirror will work for you! Women love dressing up. They can sit in front of the mirrors for hours when they’re getting ready, or when they’re tired after a long day. The idea of gifting a dresser and mirror can be a perfect pick.

Buy A Bookshelf

If the person you are planning to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for is a bookworm, a striking bookshelf proves to be a perfect option for you. There is little dispute on the fact that individuals who love books like them to be arranged beautifully on a bookshelf. Again bookshelves are also available in various designs, so you need to use your skills when selecting one for your special someone.

Get A Cocktail Table

Do you have a regular center table in your living room? How about replacing it with a cocktail table? If you get a cocktail table on Valentine’s Day as a gift, no one will be happier than your wife! We are sure she can’t stop thinking about all the pretty arrangements she’ll try when you have guests over.

A Beautiful Bedside Table

Who says bedside tables can’t be a good Valentine’s Day gift?. You can buy two bedside tables for your bedroom; one for you, and one for your wife (if space isn’t an issue, that is). Bedside tables play a big role in taking the elegance of your bedroom to the next level. They can be great storage spaces, too.

These might be unusual Valentine’s Day gift ideas BUT try giving one of these to your wives this weekend and be surprised.

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