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Style Any Room Of Your Home With These Practical Decorating Guide

By Michael's Superstore

November 12, 2019

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In creating a bespoke style for your home, DIY designers or thoughtful home makers need not to look further for inspirations other than their own personal taste. Just take a deep breath and reflect on what you want, what is the purpose of the room, and what room interior has given you satisfaction before and why it did. In addition to these, identifying the physical attributes of the area and the people who will use it will also help guide you in coming out with the ideal style that is appropriate for the space. 

In developing the style of a certain space, you might want to take into consideration the decor on the rest of your home to achieve a holistic look all-throughout. For a step-by-step guide to lead you in your home makeover adventure, here are the things you might want to keep in mind:

Size The Room

The first thing to do in planning the design of your room is to make a map of the area so you can see how and where all your planned items will go. Measure the length of all walls including the height of the ceiling. Sketch the area on a piece of paper and take note of where the doors and windows are, including the location of all your power sockets for your lamps and appliances. Creating a plan will allow you to see the room in a new perspective and guide you in achieving the purpose you are aiming for. In drawing the plan, you might want to use a scale to map down the area for the next step.

Create A Furniture Layout

Now you have the plan, let’s plan the furniture and equipment you want to use. Remember when you drew the floor plan in scale? No? OK. In mapping out the room on paper, you can draw 1 inch for every 3 feet or 1 centimeter for every 1 meter of measurement, or any scale you are comfortable with. This is important so you can also size down the dimension of your furniture and see if it will fit your room especially if you are just about to purchase them. Your furniture can anything you want it to be: a sofa, armchair, beds, entertainment center, etc. Creating an effective furniture plan is necessary to avoid any bad furniture shopping surprises that will surely leave you with a lasting headache and regret. Take your time in planning where your furniture will go, making sure it will not block a window or door and ample foot traffic is allocated. Seek for a second opinion after you made your plan. A well-laid-out furniture setting will help you gauge how efficient your room can be in terms of its use.

Plan The Lighting

The good thing about lighting is how flexible it can be in transforming the look and atmosphere of your space. Typically, general lighting is all you need to illuminate the room. However, with some trickery and eye for details, you can make your room more inviting and appear more glamorous by strategically placing your lighting fixture. A chandelier can both be a visual accent and general lighting. You can utilize floor lamps and table lamps to add drama to the room and also serve as task lighting. Spotlights and directional lights can be used based on what their name suggests. However, a few spotlights highlighting the key areas, furniture, or artworks in the room will infuse your space with a sophisticated appeal. 

Choose Your Color Schemes And Themes

In selecting a color scheme and theme for the room, here are some questions you might need to ask yourself: What is the purpose of the room? Who will use it? What style will still look good in my eyes 5-10 years from now?

As colors and themes are subjective and preferential, there is no right and wrong in choosing what you want for any of your rooms. You can choose a monochromatic scheme, a classical theme, a neutral modern style, pastel rustic, etc, the choice is endless. To give you an idea of what the color in a room signifies, however, check out the article we previously wrote about colors by clicking here. 

Compile Your Material Finishes

Now that you have your colors and theme identified, its time to source out what materials and finishes you can use to reinforce the style of the room. If you want to use brown, materials like simulated wood tiles for your floor, brown paint for your walls or veneer wood for your ceiling will do the trick. A green wall, a wall full of live plants, can add a pop of color to the room. Blue-colored wallpaper or violet velvet fabric for your padded walls are just some of the fantastic ideas you can play with to achieve the color scheme and theme you have envisioned for your space.

List Your Furniture Selection

Now that you have a furniture plan and color scheme, you can mix those two to shortlist your furniture choices. For example, if on your plan you have a sofa, and on your color scheme you have white, brown or red, your sofa choices can fall under a white, brown or red sofa or a combination of those colors. Of course, this is just one of the possible routes you can take in determining your furniture selection. When we say sofa, it can either be a loveseat, a 3-seater couch, a sectional sofa, even a circular sofa. Again keep in mind the purpose of the room, who will use the room, and the dimensions you took earlier. The same thing goes for your armchair and bed selections. For some delightful furniture for any part of your home, head to our online shop here and browse some of the wonderful furniture pieces we carry.


To complete and customize the look of each room, decorate with items that will make sense in the room and help give the room character and charm. A living room with a few musical instruments will give an impression of a music lover resides there, while a bedroom with a few animal prints and sculptures suggests an adventurer loves to take mementos from their travels. The good thing about accessorizing is that it gives you the power to bestow the room with your unique personality. Take your time in polishing the look of each room through accessories. Your home is your canvass and a well-collected home is like art itself.

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This post is also available in: Español

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