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14 Tips on How To Soundproof Your Bedroom With Style

By Michael's Superstore

August 1, 2019

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Soundproofing your bedroom area can be a little bit tricky. Nowadays, especially if you have kids or guests in the house or you share your apartment with friends with superhuman hearing abilities, keeping the noise down in your favorite sanctuary can be right down a necessity. Purchasing materials to soundproof your bedroom like a padded wall or specialized ceiling products to absorb the sound can be expensive and hiring skilled professionals to install those might not be in your budget range. If you've got a couple tens of thousands of dollars to spare, soundproofing any part of your home will come easy. If you don’t have that, well then, we are here to help.

Your home might not resemble a luxury hotel or mansion more than it does your average family estate. However, keeping the noise to a minimum in terms of sound absorption in your bedroom area can be stylish that doesn’t have to be expensive; all you need is a little bit of imagination. By starting with small practical changes in your home you can get the job done. From decorative items to curtains to bedroom furniture accent pieces, you can control the number of decibels that echoes within your room and out of it.

When you and your family had enough of the vibration and the sound and whispering all day just won’t cut it, here are some visually appealing design ideas in soundproofing your bedroom space to give you your much-needed inspiration.


Drape a curtain around your ceiling to get that tent, circus-like look. Using inexpensive glossy fabric that is easy to detach from the ceiling and clean is a good DIY project you can get the aid of your roommate or husband. Just take note, look for fire retardant fabric for added safety measure.

Add some wood slats on to your ceiling for a rustic, farmhouse vibe. Use second-hand lumber or wood from a scrap yard for that authentic distressed barnyard feel. If you have a flat ceiling painted in white, adding salvaged hardwood would make a great way to heighten the look of your bedroom.

If you have an expensive taste and a budget that goes with it, (to each his own, am I right?), consider adding a coffered ceiling or any modern equivalent that matches the design of your bedroom. The classical feel it will add to your space will surely make the time and effort, not to mention the sound absorption it will bring, worth it.


Artworks whether framed or unframed (tapestry, wall hangings, and the likes) makes a stylish addition to any space. Add used cardboard or egg-crates at the back of your framed artworks (the bigger the protrusion, the better) to help absorb some echoes. Fabric artworks also make a great focal point to a blank wall while muffling the sound.

Permanently fixed or just a temporary addition, padded walls will infuse a bit of sophistication to your "soundproof" bedroom. Best used as a floor-to-ceiling treatment or simply a part of the bed itself (like a padded headboard) if your bedroom configuration is a floating island-type.

Very trendy nowadays, wood slats will add a bit of Scandinavian feel to your home. Just fasten some solid hardwood or fabricate them using ply boards and cover it with your choice of veneer or simulated melamine for a customized look. The more slats installed, the better it becomes an effective deadener.  


Sealing off your door not only help prevent noise from entering in and out of your bedroom, but it also helps control the temperature of the area, thus saving you some electric cost! A perimeter seal and draft door bottom seal makes a good combination that we suggest you should implement immediately.

If the door itself is not giving you the proper insulation in terms of echo prevention, replacing your standard door with a specialized soundproof door can do the trick. Great for bedrooms, it's perfect for the music room right down the hall.


Like sealing off your door, curtains are also multi-purpose in terms of sound absorption and energy efficiency. Dampening the sound while also blocking heat from coming in from the windows makes a really good investment. And with a wide range of design to choose from, you can find some great selections that will match your decor.

An alternative to curtains, blinds do come now in various design and styles other than your traditional vertical or horizontal plastic fins. Opt for textured blinds that offer sound absorption with an alternating shade and blackout design so you can control the illumination coming from outside. 

If you are not using nor familiar with double glazed windows, then you are in luck. Double glazed windows will not only help keep the heat coming from the outside, but it also has a dampening effect to keep the noise at a minimum. 

Add shutters to your window, whether in the outside or inside of the house, the texture of the wood can help dissipate the vibration even just a bit, and every bit counts!


Choose some well-padded and fully-upholstered furniture like a sofa and accent chairs to bring into your home. Not only to add comfort, but they also hinder for the sound vibration to travel across the room. Browse our selection of padded sofa and chairs for more of this appealing idea that you can implement into your bedroom or living room area to make it soundproof. 


Loose items like soft pillows (and lots of it), throws, carpets, and rugs are all welcome addition in making your "soundproof" bedroom less nagging, so to speak. Not only these decorative pieces help decrease the noise levels, but it would also make a great way to project your character into your haven.

This post is also available in: Español

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