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If you need to expand the seating area for your home, it is difficult to narrow the choices with what is available. You have your standard, out-of-the-box multi-seater options like a sofa, sectionals, couch, loveseat, divan, daybed and so forth. Then for a single capacity seating, there’s a wide variety of chair and armchair designs you can peruse until the day is long. In this post, we will discuss the less obtrusive ones, such as the stools, poufs, and ottomans style guide.

First, let's define the difference between these furniture pieces. Stools, poufs, and ottomans (style guide) are all interchangeable in terms of function. All have no backs, but when it comes to styling, their distinction is more obvious. Stools normally are pedestal-type seats that stand with either three or four legs. Poufs are low cushioned footstool while an ottoman is a low upholstered seat that usually is a box form storage with lid.

When wanting to use any of these three seating options, here are some amazing recommendations on what style to get and where to put them.  (Stools, poufs, and ottomans style guide)


Bamboo Stool. For a tropical-style retreat, natural finishes like bamboo, wicker, and rattan are the go-to materials to create an authentic, resort-type feel. To add uniformity to your sanctuary, opt for bamboo furniture to coordinate with your bamboo stool.

Metal Stool. In modern homes, metals such as stainless steel and rose gold steel are all the rave these past decades and there is no stopping in sight. To add some sparkles to your dwellings, a stool with shiny steel legs will go hand in hand with mirror finishes and other glossy materials.

Wooden Stool. Alongside with bamboo, wood finishes are also a favorite when adding neutral colors organically through furniture. If you need a furniture in a classical-style design, a hand-carved, all wooden stool gilded in gold or silver is your most viable alternative.

Rattan Stool. As an alternative to bamboo, rattan also offers the same character that it will lend to your interior decor. To give your rattan stool personality and with a cozy feel, choose the one with a padded seat in your choice of fabric covering.

Ceramic Stool. Often made in a drum-shaped design and pierced-lattice pattern, ceramic stools still offer the same functionality with a rather interesting flair. The see-through aesthetic, thanks to its latticework cutout, gives it depth and plays with your perception.


Leather Poufs. If you’re thinking of sprinkling your interior with a tinge of an Italian-style look, a leather pouf will come in handy for its function and aesthetic. Whether modern in style or with ridges and tufting, its masculine charm is unmistakable.

Tufted Poufe. Whether using fabric or leather, tufted furniture like a pouf is just as wonderful as it is useful. The texture the tufting creates will contribute to the overall appeal of your home. Match it with a tufted sofa like a Charleston to emphasize the rustic allure of your abode.

Knitted Poufe. For knitters, here’s a DIY project that is also a fabulous gift on its own. Knit your own pouf for a more potent way of adding charm to your home. With a wide selection of available thread colors to choose from, you can make your own variety of knitted pouf for a styling that is uniquely yours. The resulting seat is adorable as it is luxurious, perfect for a nursery or a kids room.

Braided Poufe. If threads are not your material of choice, a roll of jute rope and your braiding skills can be put instead into good use to spend a Sunday afternoon DIY-ing a handmade pouf for your home. Great for Mediterranean home styling or nautical-inspired lounge area, a braided pouf combined with the other natural materials in this list will harmonize beautifully to create an organic look for your paradise.

Moroccan Pouffe. Longing for the romantic feel of Marrakesh or Casablanca? Add some magical elements in your home that also has its purpose with the use of a Moroccan-style pouf. Your laid-back seating area will transform into an extension of the mystical country up in the North in a jiffy.


Ottoman With Nail Studs. To give more character to your decor, the smallest details often brings in the most impact. Silver nails studs on furniture like an ottoman fall within this definition. Generally seen on traditional-style furniture, the exposed nail heads will bestow a bit of class to your space.

Suede Ottoman. To imbue your space with a bit of elegance, suede and velvet upholstery is your best friend. The subtle hint of shine and the soft feel of the fabric appeals on multiple senses and thus makes a suede ottoman a chic companion to any type of interior design. Try it out and see for yourself.

Ottoman With Gold Base. For something more sophisticated yet modern you can add to your residence, an ottoman with a gold-tinted metal base will help ground the look of your home. The eye-catching shine will work well on small, intimate spaces without overwhelming the ambiance.

Wicker Ottoman. Electrify your visual senses with an ottoman covered in wicker. The texture of this tactile material will feel at home in an outdoorsy interior like a beachfront property or a living room that opens to a garden.

Classic Ottoman. Investing in stylish yet practical decor are the right steps in committing to the idea of living long term in your home. Make the most of out of your space without sacrificing form and function with a classic-style ottoman that matches your sectionals and sofas. The added storage capability are heaven sent when hiding clutters like toys and books.

These are just some of the top choices when shopping for stools, poufs, and ottomans style guide. Feel free to mix and match the material according to your needs. To explore more of the countless possibilities an ottoman, poufs, and stools style guide an bring to your home, check out our glorious selection of seating extensions, along with other supplemental furniture, only here in Michael’s Superstore online store.

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