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Maximizing Space: How To Decorate Your Small Studio Apartment

By Michael's Superstore

October 1, 2019

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For first-time renters or younger people who are just beginning to live by themselves, a small-to-midsized studio apartment makes a great starting point in creating that special place you can call home. Four walls, a roof, a bath, and a kitchen and you are all set. Not so fast, though. Typically, you need a space for your bed, an area for your sofa to entertain guests, and a corner for your computer setup, etc. One might imagine that landing that sweet residential suite, that the hard part of having a home is over. But think again. 

If you have a boxy studio apartment, you will eventually find that designing it can be a bit of a challenge. There will be limitations and unforeseen restrictions that might keep you in implementing the vision you have for your space. However, with a little shift in perspective and lots of creativity, decorating your small home can be fun and fulfilling as well. To begin a design foundation for your sanctuary, investing in well-made furniture for your compact space is one of the key steps you should be mindful of. And in this post, we will tackle some amazing ideas in decorating your home that not only include what type of furniture to consider but other crucial aspects of your dwelling as well. With that in mind, get ready and check out these awesome small home decorating ideas we have gathered to inspire you on your home makeover.

Let natural light in

It's almost always that a studio apartment in any size comes with a window or two. Make the most out of it by utilizing the transparent glass and the abundance of sun rays as a source of light during the day. This helps saves on your electricity cost and keep the home warm and cozy during winter.

Keep your ceiling plain and ​white

For small spaces, minimalism is the key. A plain white ceiling in matte paint finish will help give your compact/studio apartment a tranquil, serene atmosphere if combined with a wall in matching soft cream paint colors. Avoid the claustrophobic feel that a bulky ceiling design will bring by keeping things up there simple and flat.

Split the room using lightweight dividers

Create a room for your activities by visually splitting your studio apartment using accordion dividers that easily gather into a small corner. Wanted something more practical yet versatile in design? Consider using a soft, sheer curtain instead that hangs between walls with the use of an adjustable curtain rod.

Use multi-purpose furniture

Dual-purpose furniture is a life-saver for anyone who needs to do multiple activities in small spaces. These types of furniture can range from a bed that is also a storage for your clothes or a chair that you can use in the living room and dining area. The key to choosing dual-purpose furniture is durability. Since you will be using it more often, the sturdier it is, the longer it will serve its purpose. For quality furniture that is equally stylish and long-lasting for your small apartment, check out our shop for some wonderful finds.

Set your color scheme and patterns at a minimal

Making your small home as relaxing as it can be lies on how you keep the colors and patterns jive with the rest of your design elements. There’s a reason why a colorful interior mostly finds its way on big spaces, and the same thing goes with bold patterns. By adhering to a minimalist decor as previously mentioned in item #2, it will give you more avenue in creating a space that is more functional despite the limited footprint. 

Use natural materials

The appeal of natural materials will give your home interior an impression of comfort and repose. A few wooden furniture and some organic accents here and there, or perhaps an all-wood flooring instead of carpeted floors are just some of the ways you can make a big impact on your pocket-sized pad.

Live with plants

Since we are on the topic of organic decor, bringing the outdoor in is the next viable step in making your home the most livable place that it can be. A hobby for some, home decor for the others, indoor plants are a functional addition that can filters the air you breathe inside your home. Start with a philodendron, peace lily or some succulents to lend your abode some pop of green colors without taking too much of your space.

Utilize open shelvings for storage and decor

Put everything out in the open, and that doesn't mean display all your clutters for your visitors to see. Open shelving is a practical way to use your blank wall and make it part of your storage solution. By using wicker baskets and colorful boxes to segregate and compartmentalize your belongings in an easy-to-find manner, your storage area can become part of the decor of your home.

Make way for mirrors

A welcome addition to any type of spaces, reflective mirrors are functional more ways than one. Liven up a blank wall by putting up a mirror instead of an expensive artwork. Bounced off light further into the room with a stylish mirror that also reflects your taste. Dress up to the nines with a mirror dresser combo in the corner. Need more furniture to go well with the mirror for your small bedroom? Check out our selection of fabulous bedroom furniture here.

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This post is also available in: Español

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