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What Furniture Pieces To Get For Your Compact Studio Apartment

By Michael's Superstore

December 7, 2019

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Starting with your life may mean you living alone by yourself with a home that is directly proportional to your budget. With the current economic outlook and the scarcity of real estate, finding a large apartment with the best price may only happen in your favorite films and TV series.

Regardless if you are a new college graduate starting a job in the city OR in the middle of your life and starting again from square one, living in a small apartment (studio design) might just be your only option. If that is the case, think of it as the beginning of an exciting journey with lots of surprises along the way.

Living in a small flat by yourself can be classified into two different things: a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.  Make the most out of your small bedroom apartment and transform it into a dreamy relaxing haven with these selections of must-have furniture pieces.


Sofa. For your new home, it is understandable that the first furniture item you might want to purchase is a bed. Logically, it should, but hear us out. Compared to a bed, a sofa can bring you more mileage in terms of use. On the sofa, you can do your work alone, binge-watch your favorite shows with your friends, eat dinner while watching football, and even take a full night’s sleep sitting upright (to each his own). With that, hands down, for a small home like a compact apartment (studio design), the sofa is the king.

In getting a sofa for limited spaces, or any furniture in that matter, the less bulkier the better. And that means sticking to a loveseat or 3-seater couch with just frames and cushions. Of course, comfort is highly important and very much appreciated. Test drive your new sofa with possible activities you think will do most of the time to see if you are a good match. You are looking for something that will be with you through your ups and downs and therefore, it might as well stand the test of time.

Bed. Not the first on this list but a very important one indeed. Your bed, whatever size you can manage to fit through your doorway, can also be used in multiple ways other than your nightly sleeping buddy. All of the things you can do on your sofa, you can do the same in the comfort of your bed. And just like the sofa, the smaller the frame, the better for your layout. In selecting the frame of your bed, make sure that the frame construction is stable so it won’t creak for every slight body movement. Take a closer look on its assembly especially if its a knockdown model as the sound culprit and weakest link most of the time is in the joinery.

Dining Table. You might find yourself asking if you need a dining table for your small home (studio design). For the purpose of you eating by yourself, you might as well forego this one and save your space and get a cantilevered table that folds so you can dine in your sofa. However, if you see yourself bringing some of your work at home or cooking a lot in your kitchen, a regular-sized dining table can come in handy. If you are expecting a few companions from time to time, this is one furniture investment you should not skip out on.


Chairs. As an accent or general use, chairs are the equivalent of a Swiss army knife. Pick a few strong ones with a thin frame either made of plastic or wood, even metal for easy transport. If you foresee yourself that you will be standing on top of your chair for whatever reasons that maybe, get the one that can support your weight. Pro tip: get a set of mismatching chairs to add personality to your setup. Another pro tip: for off-the-rack chairs, you can buy loose cushions you can put in the seat and back for added comfort.

Barstools. If your tiny apartment happens to have a built-in bar counter or your existing dining table is at counter height, a few bar stools are necessary. Other than that, you can go ahead and sit this one out, pun intended.

Desk. A versatile piece of furniture as well, a desk can have an array of purpose if you just get creative about it. A regular-sized desk can be your typical computer desk, dining table for two, kitchen island, and vanity table.

Bookcase. As a display case and storage, bookcases also makes a great visual divider to compartmentalize your pocket-sized home. Place it between your bed and sofa to have a sense of privacy for these two areas you have created. Some bookcases may have the back enclosed which is best if you place it against a wall, but as a see-through divider, opt for an open-back design.


Armchair And Coffee Tables. Who says you can’t have fun with your furniture selection for your boxy studio apartment (studio design)? A wide variety of modern and minimalist furniture like armchairs and coffee tables are very much available and are all designed to add joy to your little sanctuary. Furniture made of various materials such as glass, resin, plastic, wood, and metals are now crafted with a compact design in mind that is just outright stylish. An eye for detail is required.

Cart. Just because you have a teensy-weensy home doesn’t mean a beverage bar is out of the question. Make your drink go mobile with a bar cart that you can repurpose into a magazine rack or craft supplies storage.

Stair Shelf. Technically not a piece of furniture, but this decor has been trending for a few years now and its function is downright necessary for a cramped home. Repurpose any wooden ladder into a towel rack or coat hanger for a smart organization that speaks volumes to the homeowner.

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This post is also available in: Español

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