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12 Ideas on Picking Out The Best Accent Chairs

By Michael's Superstore

August 3, 2019

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Getting the perfect accent chair for your bedroom or living room area can easily make or break the aesthetics and sophistication of your home. Not only it will punctuate the style of your interior, the right accent chairs can also make a great resting place after a long day at work or if you just want to finish reading your favorite novel. If you are the type that always rides on the latest fashion, getting on-trend and replacing your chair season after season might and will break your bank. This kind of habit is needless to say a big-time and money saver for you.

Every type of chair has its moments, and the beautifully curated chair on display in your nearest home depot might not look as good when you have it placed on your setup. To make sure that scenario will not happen, create a list of what you want and what you need for your chair. From the upholstery choices to the handcrafted wooden legs and the accessories that go with it, scrutinizing every details down to a point is one of the best things you can do to make sure your accent chair will last a lifetime.

Keep reading below so you can learn more tips and ideas on how to find the best accent chair to add to your space and complete the look of your dwellings.


Accent chairs are a great way to incorporate a splash of color to your interior decor, no matter what its style is. A great example is an all blue wall in a glossy paint finish as a backdrop for a velvet pink armchair with tapered wooden legs.


Are you torn between a box-type armchair or semi-round chair? Both make a great choice as long as you are comfortable with it and the item is in proportion with the rest of your furniture pieces.


Choosing the right frame can be a bit tricky but if you can’t decide, just choose based on your personal preference. Metal frame chairs makes a great addition to minimalist homes or with existing metal furniture in the same finish; wooden chairs for neutral, beach style or Scandinavian feel; and plastic accent chairs makes a suitable complement for contemporary and pop-art style interior.


Like the frame, the upholstery covering of your accent chairs boils down to three common selections: leather, PVC or fabric. Opt for genuine leather for a bit of rustic or masculine vibe; PVC or synthetic materials like faux leather are better as it is easy to clean and a less expensive option; fabric, on the other hand, offers great flexibility when it comes to style as you have endless options to choose from, either plain, with prints, velvet, custom prints, etc.,


Speaking of fabrics, choices between plains and prints always come up in the decision-making process. For a bolder look, opt for a print size that will help your furniture piece to stand out more. For plain color upholstery fabrics, let the tone or hue of the color speak to your own preference.


The whole point of getting an accent chair is to elevate the style of your interior. Either you match the existing classical style of your living room with a chair that relates to it, or you can place the same classical chair on a modern bedroom for a more contrasting effect.


The size of your accent chair should depend on the availability of space in your area. As long as it fits and there is enough traffic to go around to reach for a book or open the curtains, feel free to get the one you are most comfortable in.


Like mentioned earlier, getting on-trend can be costly as demand is high. Be smarter and get a designer armchair that is flexible enough to last many interior trends but still looks stylish, like a Wing Chair or a Chesterfield. 


A great way to let the outside in into your home is to bring in a chair that is meant for outdoor use. Nautical themed, woven style chair or tropical ones like a chair made from bamboo can level up the playful vibe of your home in a cinch.


If you have the budget, a custom-made chair will give you all the freedom you want in getting the right look of your accent chair. Of course, the cost will depend on the design and material to be used. Same with already-made designer chairs. Check out our great selection of upholstered chairs to find the one that suits your budget.


If a new chair is not in your (credit) cards right now, pre-loved, slightly used accent chairs can be found in online auction sites or in your nearest flea markets. Proven less expensive, keep an eye on defects and possible damages that might lead to accidents.


Depending on where you will place it, a great accent chair must always look at its finest any time of the year. Leather and PVC are easy to clean but might not be advisable under direct sunlight, so as colorfast fabric-covered ones. If you like letting the natural wind in by opening up your windows, furry fabrics like velvet might need more vacuuming than plain, wooden ones. If you live with pets and kids, then the easy-to-care, plastic chairs are more advisable for use.

This post is also available in: Español

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