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11 Posh Traditional-style Family Room Design Ideas

By Michael's Superstore

January 4, 2020

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The family room is an integral part of any home. Whether you live in a sprawling mansion or a one-bedroom apartment, this area is a haven for the family who likes to hang out together, including the family pets. As far as entertaining guests is concerned, your family room (family room design ideas) can be just as capable as your living room. As living rooms are often relegated for use in formal and casual events to entertain guests, the family room can also hold any gathering whether for talking, reading or watching TV and any other activities.

In interior design, the basic elements of a family room are the most common: a large, comfortable sofa or sectionals, some chairs, lots of throw pillows, an entertainment center and the rest of the accompanying accessories. In creating a stylish traditional-style family room for your abode, below are some of the inspiring ideas you can incorporate:

Wooden Floors And Built-in Cabinets

In a traditional home, hardwood floors have become the standard for a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. To reinforce the welcoming vibe of your traditional-style sanctuary, match your built-in storage area such as bookcases as well as entertainment centers to the same tone of your floor finish. Keep your ceiling design in minimal to keep the look of your family room grounded and warm.

Fully Upholstered Seating Area

Like a pile of soft clouds, your padded seating area in a fully upholstered finish will enchant every family member with its irresistible coziness. Huge sectional sofas, loveseats, and one-and-a-half chairs are just a few of what you can utilize to seat everyone in your traditional-style family room. To make your lounging area more appealing, don’t be afraid to fill it with soft pillows in various sizes and designs.

Tone Down The Wall Colors

For a traditional-style family room design ideas that is easy on the eyes, look no further but the color of your flooring for the paint colors for your walls. Keep it refreshing with walls that are lighter in hue from your floors. One great color advice regardless of the style of your home is, to make your ceiling lighter than your walls that are already lighter than the color of your floors. This makes the aura of your home feels in tune with nature.

Nostalgic Family Mementos

In accessorizing your traditional-style family room design ideas, make the decor more personal by using your family’s memorabilia like travel photo galleries, awards, and handcrafted items. Displaying private belongings and collections gives your traditional-style rooms more character and makes the sentimental value as part of your decorating elements.

Use Traditional And Vintage Accessories

Along with your personal accessories, retro-style decor and vintage items can also lend your traditional-style home its much-needed charisma. Antique clocks, vases, and candle holders are just some of the ones you can display that has a built-in functionality. Framed mirrors, old books, and lamps and the list goes on.

Coffered Ceiling

It might not be practical but a coffered ceiling can give your traditional-style home the edge that you are looking for. This classic ceiling design will anchor the look of your family room in conjunction with your wall design and furniture pieces. Best of all, the density of the added structure can help in minimizing the noise and sound within the area.

Wall Panelling and Trims

As mentioned above, the design of your ceiling will work best if matched with the design of your walls for your traditional-style family area. With decorative detailing such as wainscoting, baseboard, crown moldings, as well as doors and window trims will fortify the classical mood of your space, along with a ceiling design like a matching coffered ceiling.

Eye-Catching Fireplace

For a cozy ambiance that is downright enchanting, you should not skip on a fireplace. Your built-in fireplace doesn’t even have to be working. Just the idea that you have a fireplace in your family room gives it a traditional-style cred. Keep the design of the mantle jiving with the rest of the wall detailing to create a suave, sophisticated aesthetic.

Leather And Tufted Accents

To allude to a traditional and classical styling, leather and tufted furniture are often a favorable element for a casual yet composed family room interior. To give your traditional-family area a modern, eclectic feel, mix and match different leather furniture to your styling where some pieces features handmade tufting design. Maintain the all-neutral look with the use of brown, cream, and beige colored-leathers.

A Little Nod To The Sea

With a pinch of sea flavoring, transform your traditional-style family area into an oasis of calm and mental repose. A subtle hint of blue colors and nautical-inspired elements will bring into your subconscious a tranquil vibe as you sit back and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon with the rest of the clan.

Select Furniture Pieces

As your traditional-style family room design ideas centers around the use of the space, the furniture you will use should not only connect with the interior styling but also meet your expectations for its purpose. Given that you want a peaceful and serene family area, the furniture pieces should also offer comfort and relaxation, or at least contribute to that intention. Visually, furniture covered in white fabric upholstery such as your sofa and chairs is your best option. Tables and desks can come in white or cream colored-paint. 

To see a wide variety of furniture pieces to complete the artistic flair of your traditional-style home decor, browse our wonderful selection of furniture and home accessories here in Michael’s Superstore online store.

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