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How To Design A Transitional Style Bedroom

By Michael's Superstore

December 17, 2019

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Thinking of having a transitional-style look for your bedroom? Sounds like a renovation plan. In redesigning your bedroom areas and turning it into a posh sleeping haven, let us guide you by identifying first what transitional-style means in interior design and tell you gorgeous ways on how can accomplish a flawless effect for your master and guest bedroom areas.

In interior design, architecture, and even furniture design, a transitional-style design can be defined as a combination of traditional and contemporary elements, materials, and finishes to make a classic, timeless aesthetic. Simple yet sophisticated, a transitional-style is bedroom can be also be described as elegantly modern that incorporates the old world look that seamlessly connects with chrome and glass finishes.

For your home, having a transitional-style bedroom gives you the best of both worlds by blending traditional comfort with the sleekness contemporary aesthetic. Here's how you can pull it off.

Use Soft Neutral Tones

For a bedroom that is all about a relaxed style, it's a no brainer that when it comes to color, less is more. In interior lingo, neutral means without color. Colors like beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and shades of white are considered neutral and are highly recommended for a transitional-style bedroom. To achieve a professionally designed look for your transitional-style master or guest bedrooms, go for neutral-colored paints with pink or gold color undertones to emphasize your preference without making it appear too obvious.

Mix And Match Furniture

Out with the old and comes with the new, but not too fast. To give your bedroom a tasteful, well-collected appeal, mix old furniture pieces with sophisticated modern ones to balance each other out. You can have too much or too little of both and that is OK. The beauty of transitional-style bedroom lies in the seamless combination of different furniture genres that both help to achieve an aesthetically pleasing space. Go ahead and have a demilune console table to emphasize the modernity of your upholstered bed. Connect the two type of furniture through color that can also connects visually to your furnishings.

Splurge On A Chandelier

A focal point and an ambiance setter, a classical-style chandelier might be the most important accessories for your transitional-style boudoir. This overhead lighting cast off a soft glow of light with the added element of glamour, thanks to the sparkling crystal decorations. Achieve a more updated look with a modern-style drop light that features glass ornamentation and chrome finish materials.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Artworks

Artworks and paintings are a big help in adding a bit of color to your neutral-schemed bedroom. As previously mentioned, less is more when it comes to the color of your transitional-style bedroom space. Skip the colorful ones and pick something minimal to complement the room, like monochromatic artworks or black-and-white oil paintings. In choosing between a framed and frameless artwork, if your room has moldings, opt for a modern frame or box-type painting for a playful take on contrast.

Add A Pop Of Color

Color is no stranger to a transitional-style bedroom. However, if adding color to your scheme, choose relaxing hues like shades of greens and blues. Stick to a single tone by matching fabric to your wall paint colors to create a unified color scheme. To invigorate the atmosphere of your bedroom, be creative with types of finishes and different patterns to make the room come alive with variety.

Go Grey

An all grey bedroom might sound dull and that is a possibility. For creating a modern-meets-classic style to your bedroom interior, use wood paneling on your walls and match it with linens that features a classic motif but make it grey. The play of shadows on your walls and the relaxing visual on your fabrics will bring forth a relaxed style that would make you want not to leave your bed on a tranquil Sunday. For an added touch of sophistication, grey floors or even grey geometric carpets will underline the repose of your favorite sanctuary.

Tufted ccents

A design element usually found on rustic and classic styling, work your way into tufted headboards, walls, and furniture to add variation to your bedroom’s texture. Depending on your upholstery, tufted finishes can also add sparkle if you use smooth textures like leather. Consult your material board to better polish your selection.


They say the bedroom is where all the magic happens, and to achieve a transitional-style sleeping paradise, that should be the case. Transform your space into a realm of the magical and the sublime using reflective, glossy finishes like mirrors and steel. Glass vases, crystal chandelier, and silver nail studs detailing on your furniture are just the small components you can incorporate that will make a big impact on your bedroom styling.

Be Comfortable

And let's not forget the most important factor in creating a transitional-style bedroom: comfortability. Having a bedroom interior style like this means living elegantly AND enjoying the luxuriousness it brings. High-thread count linen sheets, soft mattresses, and fully upholstered furniture will tie your style like a ribbon on a present.

For stylish and cozy furniture items to complete your transitional-style bedroom masterpiece, check out our wide selection of furniture and home decor here in Michael’s Superstore to satisfy all the styling needs of today’s sophisticated homemakers and designers.

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This post is also available in: Español

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